Fret-King Endorses Blues Rock Sensation Chantel McGregor

Up-and-coming blues rock guitarist Chantel McGregor has become the latest endorsee of the Fret-King® range.

Chantel's impromptu performance on the JHS stand at Music Live 2008 impressed designer Trev Wilkinson so much he decided to present her with two unique aged versions of the popular Fret-King Blue Label Super S and Super T models.

Chantel, from Bradford, has been playing since aged seven and by 12 was a regular participant at the weekly jam session at the Melbourne Hotel in Bradford.

Holder of the 2006/07 prize for outstanding musicianship at the world renowned Leeds College of Music, a chance meeting with a well known local band saw Chantel form rock blues trio, the Chantel McGregor Band.

She plays extensively around the North of England and has jammed on several occasions with her hero Joe Bonamassa.

The Chantel McGregor Band have a number of UK and continental dates this year, with a full blown European tour planned for early 2010. Visit for full details.