DragonForce Post New Song 'Heroes Of Our Time' Online

TG's favourite power metal widdlers DragonForce have posted new track Heroes Of Our Time on their MySpace page.

Ultra Beatdown artwork

The track features the outrageous shredding talents of guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman, and is the first song off their new album Ultra Beatdown, scheduled for release on 25th August via Roadrunner Records.

Herman said: "Bands always say, 'Our new album is faster and heavier,' and then it's never true, so we're not gonna say that. But playing fast just works for us. People who say we play too fast are probably right, but guess what? There's a million other bands that play slow."

Ultra Beatdown's tracklisting is as follows:

1. Heroes Of Our Time

2. The Fire Still Burns

3. Reasons To Live

4. Scars Of Yesterday

5. Heartbreak Armageddon

6. The Last Journey Home

7. Inside The Winter Storm

8. The Warrior Inside