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Do you have a question for The Gaslight Anthem?

TG is meeting up with The Gaslight Anthem's guitar trio of Brian Fallon, Alex Rosamilia and Ian Perkins on their UK tour this week and we want your guitar questions.

If there's something you've been itching to ask the Gaslight guys, just get in touch via the Total Guitar Twitter or Facebook pages or by emailing with the subject line 'Question for Gaslight' and your name, location and question.

Remember - you're much more likely to get your question asked and printed if it's original and based around the subject of guitar gear and playing.

Maybe there's always something you've wanted to know about their current rigs, how Brian wrote a specific Gaslight Anthem song, or how Alex and Ian approach their parts live and in the studio.

Look out for the Gaslight Anthem readers questions interview in a future issue of Total Guitar - and if your question is published you'll win a set of D'addario strings.