Corey Trivium Slams The Grammys: "They Don't Get Metal"



Corey Beaulieu

has hit out at the Grammys for being ignorant when it comes to metal.

Trivium didn't receive a nomination at this year's ceremony, with the Best Metal Grammy going to Metallica.

Corey reckons the organisers should pay more attention to some less familiar names in the genre instead of always plumping for the big names.

"They look at the metal category, and just go, 'Whoever's the name I know.' [It's] kind of a joke," he said.

"If we got nominated it would probably be like, Trivium, Slipknot, Slayer, and Metallica, and obviously Metallica is going to win by default. Because everybody is like, 'I know f*ckin' Metallica.'"

The Grammys came in for criticism when it awarded veterans Jethro Tull the first ever Metal Grammy in 1988 in favour of up-and-comers Metallica.