Big Cheeses Pledge Help To London Rock Scene

London's endangered rock scene have been pledged help from some pretty influential dudes.

Culture Minister James Purnell has said he will work with the Mayor's office to try and ensure upcoming closures of music venues in London do not have too negative an impact on the city's live music scene.

The Department Of Culture, Media & Sport has responded to concerns that London is set to lose some of its key mid-size music venues.

The Hammersmith Palais closed earlier this year, the future of the Astoria remains uncertain because of the redevelopment of the Tottenham Court Road/Oxford Street junction, and the Electric Ballroom could be under threat because of redevelopment around Camden Town station.

A government spokesman said this week that it would work with the Mayor's office "to see what can be done to ensure key music venues are not closed down in London and, if they are, to explore how suitable replacements can be provided."

Which, judging by Labour's ability to deliver on its promises, fills us with encouragement.