Axe Agony: Ask Ian D'Sa Anything!

Fresh from their blockrocking main stage performance at Download we hooked up with

Billy Talent


Ian D'Sa

to have a chat on how he combines his incredible rhythm and lead chops (look out for TG issue 192 on sale 12 August)

Whilst there, we thought it would be cool to see if he would answer some of your Axe Agony questions - and being the nice chap he is, he agreed!

So here's your chance to submit your guitar queries to Senor D'Sa. Maybe you're having trouble nailing your fret stretches or can't figure out why your 8th fret is buzzing and none of the others are...

EMAIL us your questions or post them below and we'll make sure Ian gets them asap! If he can answer them, he will!

Meanwhile, enjoy Billy Talent's riff-tastic video for new single 'Rusted From The Rain' below...