A7X Guitar Tuition DVD Out Now!

A new DVD featuring the ultimate guide to playing Avenged Sevenfold tracks is out now on Lick Library.

http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/legacy/totalguitar/Avenged Sevenfold DVD cover.jpg

The multi-million selling metal band are well known for their virtuosity, and lead guitarist Synyster Gates' technical ability has seen guitarists all over the world trying to learn his riffs and solos... now you can learn the easy way!

The DVD features five of their top selling tracks - ‘Afterlife´, ‘Almost Easy´, ‘Bat Country´, ‘The Beast and The Harlot´ and ‘Trashed And Scattered´.

With easy to follows lessons, top teacher Andy James breaks down the solos and guides you through all the tricky parts, helping in the process to teach advanced techniques such as ultimate picking, string skipping and mind crunching metal riffs.

If you want to and learn the solos note for note, from start to finish, this is the ultimate guide to improving your metal technique - like having Syn in your living room!

View a trailer HERE