10 Riffs: InMe

InMe top 10 riffs

InMe top 10 riffs

Essex alt-rock progsters InMe released their long-awaited fifth album 'The Pride' today and are about to embark on a massive UK tour with the equally excellent LostAlone and Mojo Fury in tow. In celebration (i.e. promotion) we asked guitarists Dave McPherson and Gazz Marlow to pick 10 of their favourite riffs…

10. Sikth 'Way Beyond The Fond Old River'

InMe say: "This riff goes anywhere and everywhere and is so evil, yet groovy. It's the one they end the song on. If SIkth reunite we'll be in metal heaven."

9. Guns 'n' Roses 'Estranged'

InMe say: "Slash is one of the best melodic guitarists there is, he really knows how to play for the song. The main lead motif for this song is him at his finest."

8. Deftones 'Korea'

InMe say: "It's the breakdown riff after the second chorus. It's so simple yet powerful and I can't tell if it's Chino or the DJ making what can only be described as 'frog sounds'. And, strangely, it works too! This whole album is timeless."

7. Napalm Death 'Twist The Knife (Slowly)'

InMe say: "I just love the groove on this detuned, evil powerchord riff. It's really satisfying to play too (as is the whole song). It's at 1.08."

6. Tears for Fears 'Woman in Chains'

InMe say: "This song has so many epic, melodic guitar parts, but my favourite riff is after the first chorus and it plays a big part in the song. This band changed my life back in the 80s, as they were so progressive, yet still extremely melodic."

5. Funeral For A Friend 'Recovery'

InMe say: "Funeral For A Friend are a brilliant band and this is one of the catchiest modern guitar riffs. I heard it and had to learn it immediately! It's the intro/main riff."

4. Meshuggah 'Bleed'

InMe say: "This riff is inhuman and I honestly will never know how they all keep up with the machine-tight chugging. It's ridiculously complex and easy to do your neck muscles in to. These chaps are brilliant metal innovators."

3. Kerbdog 'On The Turn'

InMe say: "My favourite band ever... I could pick any number of their riffs. They are simple, groove-based powerchord perfection, just perfect for moshing. And still epic, melodic and ahead of their time to boot."

2. Xerath 'Machine Insurgency'

InMe say: "It's the riff at about 2:35 & is absolutely insane. These chaps know how to pen monstrous riffs & this is seriously heavy shit. I like how they blend epic orchestration into the wall of sound too."

1. Silverchair 'Emotion Sickness'

InMe say: "I think this is one of the nicest pieces of clean guitar ever recorded. Daniel Johns is one of the most gifted musicians I have heard, he can write the most amazing melodies. It's at about 4.30."

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