This Week's Drum News - Terrorvision and Tommy Clufetos



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Tequila-loving Brit rock favourites Terrorvision are back with a new drummer and a new album in the works. Bradford's finest have replaced long-serving sticksman Shutty with teenage hard-hitter Cameron Greenwood.

We caught up with Cameron at the band's Bristol gig last night and he revealed to us that the 'Perseverance' stars will be laying down more feelgood summertime anthems later this year with an early 2011 release in mind.

Tommy Clufetos has described joining up with Ozzy Osbourne's band as "the pinnacle".

The former Rob Zombie sticksman replaced Mike Bordin as drummer for Ozzy as he geared up to record new album Scream. You can see what he had to say about playing with the rock legend below.

From one bunch of rock legends to another, Lars Ulrich has spoken about Metallica's infamous legal scrap with Napster.

He told the Herald Sun: It's part of the legacy, for better or worse. The best thing you can do is try to make people understand you're at a point where you're comfortable getting a few laughs out of it. It wasn't a lot of fun 10 years ago."

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