Taylor Hawkins picks tracks for new Queen CD



© Joe Giron/Corbis

Taylor Hawkins loves Queen. He really loves Queen. So who better to help put together the tracklisting for a brand new Queen compilation?

Taylor has worked together with Roger Taylor and Brian May to come up with the inclusions and omissions for Queen's Deep Cuts Volume One 1973-1976.

Take a look at the tracks the trio picked below.

1. Ogre Battle
2. Stone Cold Crazy
3. My Fairy King
4. I'm In Love With My Car
5. Keep Yourself Alive
6. Long Away
7. The Millionaire Waltz
8. '39
9. Tenement Funster
10. Flick Of The Wrist
11. Lily Of The Valley
12. Good Company
13. The March Of The Black Queen
14. In The Lap of the Gods … Revisited

Thoughts? Has Taylor played a blinder? Are there any glaring omissions? Does the world really need another Queen compilation?

Rich Chamberlain

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