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Soldier attempts drumming world record

Since yesterday morning at 10am (EST) United States soldier Troy Yocum has been attempting to break the Guinness World Record for continuous drumming, by drumming for 125 hours in a five day marathon at his army base in Kuwait. If he sticks it out the attempt will end on 3 May at 10 am.

Soldier Troy Yocum before his Guiness World Record attempt

If you think that sounds tough (we certainly do) then check out the Guinness World Record guidelines - he will only be able to take a five minute break every hour and must play recognisable songs, without repeating within four hours and with only 30 seconds of pause time between each. Ouch!

The current record was recently set by Sacramento-based Russ Prager on 14 March. He drummed for an unbelievable 120 hours.

You can follow Yocum´s attempt live right now at

Yocum's cymbals have been donated by Sabian. After the event, Sabian will donate the cymbals to Camp Virginia's newly finished studio in Kuwait, for soldiers to enjoy.

Go Yocum!