Paiste and Slipknot drummer unveil dark collaboration

Paiste has revealed its most recent weapon: a new series of cymbals developed in collaboration with Slipknot drumming legend Joey Jordison. The Black Alpha ‘Slipknot Edition´ cymbals take their cue from Paiste´s coveted colourSound range, and are coated using Paiste´s original black ColourSound coating and then silk-screened with a gold Alpha logo, model designation and Slipknot badge. The range - Jordison´s personal selection of Alpha models - consists of the 20” Metal ride, 17”, 18” and 19” Rock crash, 14” Sound Edge hi-hats, 18” Rock china and 10” Metal splash.

Of the ColourSound technology, Paiste claims that it “adds a bit of bite to the initial attack, centres the overtones and adds raw presence to the entire sound character of this dark and exotic-looking set of cymbals.”

Rhythm´s question: how much more black could these be? The answer? None more black. If you want to hear them for yourself, listen out for the cymbals when they form part of Jordison´s set-up on Slipknot´s forthcoming 2008/09 ‘All Hope Is Gone´ tour.