Adam Ficek on Babyshambles split



© Joelle Diderich/epa/Corbis

Adam Ficek still feels "very much a Babyshamble" despite leaving the Pete Doherty-led band last month. Writing in his blog, Ficek also gave further details about his new project.

He said: "Where do I start, It's been a very dark, miserable and upsetting time regarding the band. Something I feel is an intrinsic part of me, has been lost.

"It's very difficult to go into detail about the situation - it's all a bit wobbly but, I'll do my best when things settle a little, apologies, I know you're all waiting for the gossip!"

Moving forward, Ficek has released single 'One Born Every Minute' through new band RKC and he'll be hitting the road all over Europe and Japan in the coming months. You can take a listen to RKC below.

Rich Chamberlain

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