Violet Design 'The Wedge' Microphone review

A classically styled condenser with a modern twist

  • €555
The suspension cradle and pop shield are optional extras.

MusicRadar Verdict

Violet updates a classic design to create a modern and stylish large capsule cardioid condenser mic.


  • +

    Open, engaging sound. Excellent specification. Stylish modern look.


  • -

    Pop shield a little frustrating.

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Violet Mics tend to impress both stylistically and sonically. Its latest condenser microphone hints at the classic Neumann shape but with a twist - it's been stretched lengthways.

The result is a big five-inch open capsule grill and a small three-inch body. As mentioned, it's a regular phantom-powered cardioid condenser and, in keeping with other Violet mics, there are no additional options such as pad or low cut.

The capsule itself is a single diaphragm centre-tapped design, and at 21mm across it's at the smaller end of the large capsule spectrum.

As far as we can tell it's a different capsule to any of Violet's other mics. Inside, the capsule sits on top of a three-inch mounting. This incorporates the first stage of the electronics, keeping them close to the capsule, but also helps provide plenty of space around it.

So overall, even though you've got a dual mesh grill, the capsule sits in a very open space, reducing internal reflections.

The standard package includes a basic screw fit mic mount, but you can also add a proper suspension cradle and a rather nifty-looking dual mesh pop shield. In our review bundle, all items were finished in the same deep purple coating giving the whole kit a stylish but understated look.

One thing that Violet mics seem to have in common is excellent technical specifications and internal electronics. The Wedge follows the same route with Class-A discrete transformerless electronics. Self-noise figures are excellent (6dB A-weighted) and the output reasonably healthy (25mV/Pa).

The quoted frequency response plot shows a pretty flat response apart from a gentle lift from 2kHz to 10kHz, peaking around the 6kHz point. This is certainly different to both Violet's Dolly/Baby Bottle design and the Black Knight, all of which have a flatter response. If anything, the Wedge is closer to the modern 'slightly hyped' sound you'd expect from a large cap condenser.

In use

Mic'ing up a few things reveals an instantly upfront sound with plenty of top end presence. Our first check with any new mic is acoustic guitar, as it reveals the mic's tonal balance.

This sounded really open even at close range, and the proximity isn't unpleasant with no unneeded boxiness. Moving on to voice, and The Wedge is excellent here, adding excellent presence and pushing vocals forward.

From a practical perspective, it's important to be aware of the capsule position, as the tall grill has an inch of space at the top. In tight spaces this may be a little awkward.

Also remember this if you're using the rather nifty pop shield; it's quite small, so positioning is paramount. We found the pop shield a little frustrating - not because of its size, but because its mounting fixes its distance from the capsule at a couple of inches. This would deter us from using the pop shield in all applications.


Overall, The Wedge is an excellent addition to Violet's mic range and the closest to being the 'mass market' hyped large capsule mic that everyone seems to crave. As usual, the company has done things its own way and the result is more stylish and personal than the many identikit grey tubes out there.

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