Rupert Neve RNDI review

DI box with Neve-designed transformers

  • £239
  • €315
  • $299
One mode handles line level signals, while the other takes the output from a guitar amp output

MusicRadar Verdict

A £30 DI box can do the basic job, but this is the way to go if you are serious about capturing the highest possible quality of sound.


  • +

    Superb sound quality: clarity to the top end, thick bottom-end. Easy to use. Solid build.


  • -

    As usual, quality costs.

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The RNDI is a DI box that utilises Neve-designed transformers and class-A biased, discrete FET amplifiers to do the job of taking your instrument or line level signal and converting it to a signal suitable for the XLR mic input of a standalone preamp or console channel.

"In all the situations where we used the RNDI, the sound was excellent"

It features two modes - one handling instrument and line level signals, the other taking the output from a guitar amp to capture the tone of the preamp and power amp (a Thru output can route signal to the speaker).

The emphasis here is on sound quality and, in all the situations where we used the RNDI, the sound was excellent with plenty of thick bottom-end and a real clarity in the top.

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