ProGuard Lin-Ear PR20 Music Earplug review

Bargain-priced ear protection

  • £14.95
There are two size available so you should find a pair that fits

MusicRadar Verdict

Comfortable, effective and affordable. What's your excuse?


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    Good fit. Do the job. Excellent price.


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Your hearing is probably the most important part of your musical arsenal. It comes free, but if you don't take care of it then you're in trouble.The Lin-Ear PR20 Music Earplug from ProGuard is perfect if your budget can't stretch to £200 for pro ear-defence; it really makes the £15 price tag a bargain.

"Despite the generic shape, they are very comfortable"

Despite the generic shape, they are very comfortable and come in two sizes, so there should be something for everyone.

The vented design allows unwanted frequencies to escape for a more natural feeling. And the key ring case means you have no excuse not to wear them.

Simon Arblaster
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