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Behringer BCF2000-WH review

The industry stalwart gets a shiny new coat

  • £156
The BCF2000-WH does the same great job as ever, but in white!

Our Verdict

New look, same old story. Worth every one of its insignificant amount of pennies.


  • Still one of the best bits of kit around. Low price. Shiny new coat.


  • Difficult to get it working with all your other gear.

Four years after it's first review, the BCF2000 is still a favourite among computer musicians, and rightly so.

Although countless controllers have been released since the BC-range was introduced, few have worked as well, at such a bargain price.

Beside the sexy new white coat, the latest BCF has 32 preset banks, foot control options, eight motorised faders and endless rotaries and 16 buttons.

The reason for the low price is the slightly intensive degree of programming involved to get it up and running with your gear.

But who's to say this is a bad thing? It's a brand new iWhite glow on an already decent unit. If you haven't got one already, bag this bad boy.