Asus Lamborghini VX-1 review

The latest supercar-endorsed laptop from Asus will no doubt pique Jeremy Clarkson's interest, but is it worth taking for a spin?

  • £1900

MusicRadar Verdict

A sharp all-rounder ruined by a poor display, naff gaming and high price-tag


  • +

    Looks the part, and is powerful too. 1,400 x 1,050 screen resolution


  • -

    Not worth the high price. Meek GeForce 7400VX graphics

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The word Lamborghini infers speed, power, good looks and kudos. So, we're duty bound to expect the same from this Lamborghini-branded Asus VX-1 notebook. Sadly, this laptop suffers many of same unfortunate inadequacies as the brand itself: it favours brazen extravagance over practicality and design perfection.

The problem certainly isn't in the looks department. The VX-1 is sturdy and attractive. The understated Lambo logo sits atop the lid which, like the main chassis, is slim and toned. The VX-1's build quality is excellent too; it feels compact when you carry it, and the stiffness of the screen gives it a robust feel when the machine's in use.

Once you've started it up, the screen immediately disappoints. A wide-aspect design been shelved in favour of 4:3, and the viewing angle is pretty woeful.

The 1,400 x 1,050 resolution goes some way to make up for this, but while the brightness levels are excellent, the contrast is poor. The screen isn't built for gaming, and even movie playback suffered from a little ghosting.

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