Asus Eee Top review

Can Asus' touch device give us a taste of the future of Windows?

  • £430

MusicRadar Verdict

Brilliant concept, well built and hopefully will be the first of many touchscreen desktops


  • +

    Very accurate touchscreen. Intelligent customisation of XP. Reasonably priced


  • -

    Should come with wireless peripherals

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The Eee has evolved again into a neat Apple iMac-like desktop PC, but where the £200 Eee Box offered a barebones approach, the Eee Top is a PC/monitor combo with touchscreen input.

The original Eee netbook was impressive enough, but the Eee Top trumps it technologically: it's a fully fledged and stylish desktop with a tiny footprint - perfect for the lounge or kitchen as a second PC.

We loved the system's looks and build-quality, and were pleasantly surprised by the resilience of the chassis. However, the Eee Top is all about the screen and at this affordable price point it's heartening to see that not only is it bright and clear, with an unusual resolution of 1,366 x 768, its touch capabilities are every bit as good as the best smartphones or tablet PCs around.

This is aided by Asus' excellent adaptation of Windows XP; there are some smart features that make the most of the touch medium.

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