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Arturia iSpark for iOS review

A real bright Spark

  • £15.99

Our Verdict

We'd say that we have just found a new favourite iOS beat-maker.


  • Loads of sounds.


  • Lacking Modulation section.

For us, Arturia's Spark drum machine really got into its stride when the LE hardware was teamed up with the second edition of the software - it all seemed to click rather nicely.

So it was with little surprise we learned Arturia had chosen this latest iteration as the basis for a new iOS app called iSpark.

The app comes with a hugely impressive catalogue of sounds and Arturia have done a great job in porting most of the key features to this iPad version. Sadly, the biggest omission is the Modular section, which was an awesome addition to the Spark 2 update.

But then this app is a fraction of the price compared to the desktop version. However, there are still plenty of features in iSpark to make it high on your app shopping list.

Importing and exporting your own samples and loops is possible. iSpark is also completely compatible with Spark 2, so your kits, patterns and projects are transferable both ways. And the Song function is very quick and intuitive at chaining your patterns into tracks.

Existing Spark 2 users may also want to invest, even if it's just to tweak projects in a more portable fashion, be that using the app standalone or teaming it up with the Spark LE hardware.