Apogee Jam review

  • £75
The Apogee Jam is a delight to use.

MusicRadar Verdict

Jam this box!


  • +

    Works well straight from the word go.


  • -

    Minor clipping issues.

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Apogee and Apple's bromance continues to benefit us lowly consumers in the form of their newest iOS/OS X interface, the Jam. It's of slender form, looks the part and we're happy to report that it's accurately priced.

The Jam is aimed at guitarists with a single ¼" input, clip, power and status LED, volume control with 40dB of gain and a bespoke connector to either a 30-pin iDevice connection or USB for Mac. We tried it with GarageBand for iPad - it worked first time, no questions asked.

With most lower-priced interfaces, latency is frequently an issue, something guitarists are not as forgiving of as more technical folk. Thankfully the Jam reels it in to a very slight delay - nothing that will incur any frustration.

The Jam did clip a little easily - it was hard to get the volume right so hard strumming and picking were both within the dynamic range we wanted. But when we found it, the sound quality was excellent - it was as if the Jam wasn't there at all.

A treat to use, and a no-brainer for guitarists looking to maximise the value of their iPad.

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