Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ review

A compact 10-band EQ with 128 presets and control where you need it

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Source Audio EQ 2 Programmable EQ
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MusicRadar Verdict

A comprehensive 10-band EQ pedal that harnesses the full power of Source Audio’s digital know-how to offer deep-edits via the Neuro app, and has the memory to remember your go-to sounds. Once on your ‘board, it could well become essential.


  • +

    A 10-band EQ offering heaps of control over your sound.

  • +

    Deep editing via Neuro app.

  • +

    128 programmable presets.

  • +

    Bright display shows active EQ curve.

  • +

    Compact form.


  • -

    These features come at a price.

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Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ: What is it?

The EQ pedal might lack the cult appeal of the fuzz, overdrive or delay pedals on our pedalboards, perhaps because it feels a little utilitarian. And yet we all know that it can be your ‘board’s MVP, the missing link between good tone and great.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but if you are looking for a high-quality EQ solution in a compact stompbox form, the Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ has a lot to offer. This being a Source Audio product, the EQ2 leans on its digital architecture to perform a wide range of EQ tasks. 

It is a 10-band EQ, with each band fully adjustable to any frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz, a graphic and parametric equaliser that can apply +/-18dB of boost/cut to each band. It supports stereo or mono operation, has an onboard guitar tuner, and can store up to 128 presets. 

Source Audio EQ2

(Image credit: Future)

The EQ2 enclosure design is simple. There’s an LED screen that displays each of the 10 frequency bands, a metal rotary dial with push-and-turn actions in the middle, an illuminated Output mini-knob, and a button for selecting and saving presets. 

Once you hook up the EQ2 to the Neuro Editor app – a function you can now perform via USB – deeper editing is available, with noise gate and limiter, shelving and high-pass frequency options. The app is free and available for mobile devices (iOS/Android) and as a standalone desktop app for Mac and Windows computers.

Users have access to preset libraries, and can download these and more from the user community to the pedal. If you have a third-party MIDI controller, you can access any of the presets, and also adjust parameters and settings.

Attach one a Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal to the control input mounted on the top of the unit and you can apply expression control to multiple parameters, using the tap use to scroll through presets or toggle settings.

Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ: Performance and verdict

Source Audio lists the EQ2 in the ‘Utility’ section of its website, alongside foot controllers and tap tempo switches. That might once more relegate the EQ pedal to the back of the school photo but there’s no question a lot of love has gone into the EQ2 with the intention of making it a bona fide pedalboard essential.

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The EQ2 is more than an essential. Indeed, for some, it might be too much EQ, too powerful, too many features. Even if dialling in your desired frequencies and adjusting the band accordingly is a breeze thanks to that encoder knob, to get the best out of it you want to get the Neuro editor online.

That might sound like a chore but the ease of use and the control that the Neuro app offers you becomes part of the thrill of tone-chasing. And all that time spent dialling in and finessing is not lost in the moment; remember, this box has presets, and once you save your sounds down that’s them on call for as long as you need ‘em.

How you choose to use them is when it gets really fun. For the gigging player swapping guitars in and out, an EQ pedal such as this can help smooth those transitions, and can often be the difference between being lost in a mix or finding an electric guitar tone that cuts through.

MusicRadar verdict: A comprehensive 10-band EQ pedal that harnesses the full power of Source Audio’s digital know-how to offer deep-edits via the Neuro app, and has the memory to remember your go-to sounds. Once on your ‘board, it could well become essential. 

Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ: The web says

“With the Neuro app you can really get in and map out your EQ curve in detail. Whether you need to set your rig for a venue, have different EQ settings to suit particular guitars, or just kick it in as a frequency boost, it’s all here.”

Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ: Hands-on demos

Source Audio


Pete Thorn

Mike Hermans

Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ: Specifications

  • TYPE: Programmable EQ pedal 
  • FEATURES: Selectable analog buffered or relay based true bypass, tuner, 128 presets, 10 band graphic equalizer, parametric equalization capabilities
  • CONTROLS: Encoder knob, Output,  Select button, control input switch, Bypass footswitch 
  • CONNECTIONS: Standard inputs (1 & 2), standard outputs (1 & 2), MIDI In, MIDI Thru, USB, control input 
  • POWER: 9V DC adaptor (supplied) 180 mA  
  • DIMENSIONS: 70 (w) x 114 (d) x 51mm (h)
  • CONTACT: Source Audio

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