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Mooer Blues Crab review

Claw extra tone from your amp

  • £58
  • €51

Our Verdict

A real classy performer that won’t break the bank.


  • Good price.


  • Very few.

The word is that Mooer’s Blues Crab mini pedal owes more than something of a debt to Marshall’s much-loved 90s Blues Breaker pedal, itself designed to inject a bit of a mid-60s Marshall amp vibe into your sound. 

This is a low-level overdrive, one that excels at all those just-beyond-clean tones, adding an edge with an adjustable extra shading of grit, delivered via a sensible tone control. 

Nicely sensitive, this is a pedal where the sound can get dirtier in response to your playing: just dig in for grittiness. Sitting in front of a good amp, this is an inexpensive yet classy complement to take it up a notch.