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LunaStone Big Fella review

A big fella from a new kid on the block

  • £209
  • €241

Our Verdict

A robust, natural-sounding drive/distortion suited for rock but versatile enough for other styles.


  • Beautiful natural sound.


  • Very few.

This two-footswitch pedal combines an overdrive and a boost section, each operating independently so you can have boost, overdrive or both together. 

Overdrive has standard Gain, Volume and Tone, plus a choice of OD1 and OD2 voicings, selected via a toggle switch. 

LunaStone describes its overdrive pedals as “True Overdrive”; their drive is created purely from cascading gain stages, rather than clipping diodes, and that manifests itself in a valve-like sound with natural compression. 

OD1 is less gainy and excels at sounds just on the edge of breaking up, to low-level crunchy overdrive. OD2 gets into higher-gain territory, from Marshall-style rhythm raunch to full-on harmonically rich, smooth distortion for sustaining leads. 

Tonally, the sound is full with plenty of thick bottom-end like a cranked stack, but still transparent enough to let your core tone shine through.