Zaolla GR-20

All cables were not created equal! Here's a super lead from California

  • £45.69
Give your tone the cable it deserves.

Our Verdict

Don't skimp on your peripherals: fork out a little more for the GR-20 and you'll be overwhelmed by the improvement in tone.


  • The sturdy construction and genuine tonal improvement.


  • The price seems excessive, but try one out and it seems less so

Believe us: an inferior lead can wreak havoc on your sound, and sometimes the maxim that 'you get what you pay for' is true.

Zaolla is a Californian company that offers a huge choice of connectors for all sorts of uses: hi-fi, hi-tech audio and speakers, as well as dedicated instruments.

What is constant across the entire catalogue is a highly insulated central core of pure solid silver. This element is an ever more efficient conductor than copper and, thanks to a number of concentric layers of shielding such as lubricated paper and precision foam dielectric insulation, the improved transference of signal is protected from external noise to give what Zaolla claims is an unparalleled level of tonal quality.

In use

Zaolla's instrument cables are available in straight or right-angled jack format and, when compared to our selection of test leads, the quality of sound was significantly improved. We have to concede to being rather doubtful that we´d be able to discern a great deal of apparent difference, but such were the sparkling highs and magnified lows we were instantly impressed.

It´s always been the case that the quality of any player´s guitar sound can only be as good as its weakest link, and many of us connect our sparkling new guitar and amp with a sub-standard cable in order to save a few quid.

Yes, Zaolla's pricing may be more than you would be initially prepared to fork out for mere leads, but the tonal benefits are such that we can strongly recommend you road test one soon, so go to your local guitar shop and try one out. Give your tone a chance!