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Wampler Faux Spring Reverb review

Digitally generated spring 'verb

  • £219
  • €270
  • $229
The Faux Spring may lack an actual spring reverb circuit, but it is all-analogue

Our Verdict

As spring-like as you'll get in a small footprint.


  • Great spring-like tones in a practical format. All-analogue dry signal path.


  • Not much.

Using a real spring is not always practical, so Wampler's Faux Spring reverb pedal is a digital stompbox designed to deliver a faithful recreation of the sound.

"This may be as close as you'll come to spring reverb in a practical format"

It features an all-analogue dry signal path, so your basic tone doesn't get messed with, and cloaks your sound with authentic spring-like ambience.

The three knobs do pretty much the same as those on the recently reviewed Fender '63 Tube Reverb (an authentic outboard spring reverb): shade is tone, depth is dwell, and the sound comes pretty close, too, albeit lacking some of the randomness of a real spring.

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If it has to be spring reverb and the real thing isn't doable, this may be as close as you'll come in a practical format.