Vox Virage SC review

  • £1975
  • $3400
Vox's Virage SC: a versatile guitar!

MusicRadar Verdict

The SC leans towards a solidbody in terms of sounds and resonance, producing a different array of versatile tones.


  • +

    Stunning design; light weight; acoustic resonance; wide range of classic sounds.


  • -

    Less resonant and more solidbody sounding – purely a matter of taste.

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The SC is a fairly bulky guitar, weighing in at 3.2kg, but it's still much lighter than a modern Les Paul (typically 4-4.5kg).

The centre block, viewed through just its bass-side f-hole, looks a little chunkier too. The neck joint is contoured but, without any binding, it looks a little more conventional. It has more than adequate access and feels balanced on the strap.


The SC has a solid and not overtly resonant acoustic sound that's got depth and character. There's a little more low-end than you might expect which, combined with a brighter voicing, creates a wider, slightly expanded sound.

Versatility and diversity are the keywords and a slightly lower set-up somehow enhances its more 'solidbody' status.

There's a bit of snap to the sound, you might need to roll off a little high-end either from the guitar or your amp, but then again that added edge enhances the clean modes that especially with FX sound lush and pristine - sort of like a more modern version perhaps of the DC, more ebony than rosewood if you like, more maple than mahogany.