Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay review

  • £249
Three footswitches control the Dual Tap Delay's two channels and tap tempo.

MusicRadar Verdict

A fine piece of kit for occasional, old-school delayists.


  • +

    Build and sound quality; ease-of-use.


  • -

    Shame the external click track box isn't ready yet; price.

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Like many other Visual Sound pedals, this is a two-in-one design, although with channel one's modulation control you can add in chorus too.

Aside from that, the two delay channels are identical: maximum one-second delay time and controls for time division, delay time, repeats and effect level plus a manual/tap switch and mini tone control. Three hefty footswitches operate each channel's on/off status (both can be used simultaneously) and the tap tempo.

It's a mono delay pedal but we have two outputs - mono, plus an output to a second amp, which can be switched to effected or dry. You can also mute repeat trails when the effect is off.

There's an external tap/click input socket too, for a new external click track box (to be launched next year) allowing the unit to sync to an external source or transmit BPM.


Classed as a 'hybrid analog/digital circuit' we hear the clarity of digital with the tone turned up, with the option of more analogue sounds with reduced tone and potential for self-oscillating mayhem if that's your bag. It's dead easy to use, but complex 'multi-head' repeats can be achieved with both channels on and different time division settings.

To say the pedal market is swamped with delay pedals is an understatement. This is one for old-school occasional delayists; there's no programmability, but if you need a little slap back for a couple of songs or a more modern tempo-locked modulation, it's all here.

Dave Burrluck

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