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Visual Sound 1 Spot Combo pack review

Revenge of the wall wart

  • £39
  • €41
  • $39
A simple, cost-effective solution for most 9V pedal powering needs

Our Verdict

A simple, useful and cost-effective piece of gear

Originally named because it takes up just one electrical output spot, the 1 Spot offers a 9V DC output, with 1700mA of current available.

It lacks multiple isolated outlets like the rest on test, but this useful wall wart will power multiple pedals if you daisy chain them.

Five- way and eight-way daisy chain connectors are available, as are plug adaptors - the system is probably best bought in the Combo pack version, which pairs the 1 Spot with a selection of cables.

The 3m cable on the 1 Spot means you could keep it out of the way, next to your amp, minimising stage cabling.