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Two Notes Le Bass review

All about le bass

  • £219
  • €295
  • $350

Our Verdict

A practical pedal for bassists that can offer a range of tones for recording and live use.


  • A good all-rounded for bassists.


  • Very few.

Bassists have not been forgotten in Two Notes's range and Le Bass offers plenty of tone-tweaking options for shaping a DI signal or adding a bit of flavour in front of an amp.

While channel A supports a typically solid bass tone with treble and bass controls to place it in the right zone, channel B has the facility to add a nice bit of growl to your bass, while focusing how the midrange content sits.

Cold Fusion mode offers more of that, mixed in with a bit of the clean sound for extra articulation, while Hot Fusion has the options for you, if you prefer your bass distorted.

It could be partnered with a cab simulator as a whole portable rig, but Le Bass also lends itself to live work with an amp, whether changing its sound or not - you can put one in the chain and have control over the sound going to FOH, while feeding your amp with the dry through signal.