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T-Rex Room-Mate Junior reverb review

Spacey son of a stompbox

  • £230
  • $399
The Junior Room-mate lives up to its name, using less space on the pedalboard than the original

Our Verdict

Whether you wish to emulate a vintage spring or surround your sound with a certain size of ambience, this is a solid choice.


  • Four classy reverb sounds. Good spring emulation sounds.


  • That missing hi-cut knob.

The original Room-Mate (£340), with its integral valve, is an upmarket option among reverb pedals.

This Junior version, however, is more affordable and more pedalboard-friendly, because it runs from nine-rather than 12-volt power supplies.


Mix, decay and level knobs zero in on your desired reverb sound, with spring, room and hall options plus LFO, which is reverb embellished with a touch of chorus that really shines in arpeggiated playing.

There's no hi-cut control like its namesake, so it's just as well the Junior's realistic spring emulation is voiced just right - neither brash nor dull.