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T-Rex Fatshuga review

A sweet, sweet pedal from Danish company

  • £170
  • €204

Our Verdict

Separate pedals present more options, but this one offers killer utility and hands-on simplicity.


  • Excellent quality. Easy to use.


  • Short on options in comparison to using two separate pedals.

The latest pedal from famed Danish manufacturer T-Rex, the Fatshuga is a boost pedal with optional reverb that promises to deliver "everything that's best about the pre-digital world".

When you engage it, you'll get boost from the 'Cream' knob plus a choice of room or hall reverb if you've dialled any in with the reverb knob, which you can set and push into the side of the pedal body.

At minimum, the Cream knob offers just a slight sound-enhancing clean boost, allowing the Fatshuga to be used as an always-on reverb pedal. Turning it up offers a useful range of transparent boost and low-level overdrive that sounds great in front of an amp.

Used as a pure boost, it can add grit to an amp at any volume level, but we particularly liked it with an already driven amp to bring in a lead tone with added ambience from the refreshingly simple reverb section: there's no unnecessary mind-boggling array of options when a dash of ambience is all that's required.

So overall, like many a pedal in the T-Rex pedal range, the Fatshuga offers a cool combination of effects that works really well.