Suhr Koji Comp review

One-stop compression stomper

  • £179
  • €218
  • $200
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Our Verdict

Versatile compression with extra top end if you need it.


  • Glassy top end boost option. Wide range of compression.


  • Not much.

Besides the standard compression and level knobs you'd expect on any compressor, the Koji Comp also offers a mix knob, which lets you mix some direct sound in with the effected one for parallel compression blends.

"There's a wide range of compression: from a smooth evening of dynamics to the thick squash of a vintage Dyna Comp"

It also has enough output gain to boost your amp into overdrive, which combines well with a voice switch that can deliver extra top end.

There are two distinct EQ boosts: one in the upper-mids only, the other offering upper-mid boost combined with a glassy top end. This counteracts compression-created dullness and also adds a sweet chime that's particularly effective on clean notes and chords.

There's a wide range of compression here, from a smooth evening of dynamics to the thick squash of a vintage Dyna Comp, with plenty of scope to dial in a percussive edge to your note via the attack knob.

With a neat blend of facilities, not least the mix knob's subtleties, this should take care of all your compression needs.

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Tech Specs

Country of OriginUSA
FeaturesTrue bypass (switchable to buffered), traffic light LED for compression strength
Dimensions64 x 32 x 114
Unit Power Source9 Volt Batteries Mains