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Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser review

  • £195
  • $299
The Pigtronix EP-2 packs serious sound and subtlety.

Our Verdict

Conventional phasing meets off-the-wall funky weirdness in one box. Excellent.


  • Nice range of phasing sounds; funky weirdness controlled by playing dynamics.


  • Nothing.

This second incarnation of the very first Pigtronix pedal is a total redesign, informed by six years of user feedback on the original.

What you get is a phaser in which the motion of the phasing can be controlled by an LFO, an envelope filter or both together.


In LFO mode you'll find familiar phaser and Univibe sounds but, with more controls on the EP-2 than your average stompbox phaser, there's a far greater range of sound and subtlety. Switch to envelope mode and things start to get funky as the phase sweep is triggered by playing dynamics, and you can conjure up chewy Mutron or talkbox-y sounds.