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Orange Micro Crush Pix review

Micro amp with the crush crunch

  • £38
  • €103
  • $89
The Crush Pix's four-inch speaker gives it an edge over some rivals

Our Verdict

It's not very flexible, but if you operate within its parameters you'll find the Micro Crush Pix is a decent mini amp.


  • Best-suited to crunchy indie sounds and gritty tones. Built-in tuner. Four-inch speaker.


  • Not versatile, primarily due to its lack of a gain control.

With a four-inch speaker, Orange's Micro Crush sounds bigger than some of its rivals, offering a slightly fuller bass response, and it also includes a handy built-in chromatic tuner.

"Turn up to 10 o'clock, and it breaks up for vintage grit"

While the clean channel's lower volumes provide a good platform for shimmering chords, it doesn't stay clean for long; turn up to 10 o'clock, and it breaks up for vintage grit.

Switching to the OD channel yields a wild, loose crunch that's great for indie barre chords; but with no gain control, it's not especially versatile, so falls down a little on heavy rock and metal.