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Morley M2VO review

Passive, progressive volume pedal

  • £69
  • €80
  • $118
The M2VO is certainly well-built - it weighs in at 1.6kg and doesn't even use batteries...

Our Verdict

A quality passive volume pedal at a decent price - it'll save you money on batteries, too!


  • Solid build. Doesn't require any battery or mains power.


  • Eats some of your treble.

This evolution of Morley's classic volume pedals is passive, which means it doesn't require any power: just plug it in and get swelling.

"The M2VO has a smooth taper, which makes for precise transitions"

The M2VO has a smooth taper, which makes for precise transitions, whether you stick it post-dirt for volume adjustments or pre-dirt to control your overdrive levels.

It does rob a little treble compared with plugging straight into your amp, but no more than any other passive volume pedal, while its weighty 1.6kg enclosure makes it a seriously substantial bit of kit, too.