Moonphaser Analogue Phase Shifter review

Phasers set to stun? This one certainly is!

  • £215
Sounds from the old-school meet modern reliability

MusicRadar Verdict

The Moonphaser is expensive but next to collectable vintage phasers it justifies its hefty price tag... just.


  • +

    Vintage vibe. Simple operation. 'That' tone.


  • -

    Boutique price tag. Not best suited to extreme high gain sounds.

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This Moonphaser pedal draws its inspiration and tonal qualities from the magical phaser designs of the seventies like the Mu-Tron and arguably one of the most sought after, the Maestro MP1.

The Moonphaser is dripping with authentic seventies character, although it's housed in a smaller more pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

The very best NOS (new old stock) components have been paired with modern top-quality capacitors and low-noise metal film resistors. This means that the problems of old, like inconsistent quality and tone, should be consigned to history.

We get two simple controls: speed controls the modulation rate between one phase cycle every eight seconds right up to six cycles per second, and depth.

The effect is switched in and out by a true-bypass 3PDT footswitch and housed in a lovely Hammond enclosure with retro moon-phase graphics, blue LEDs and brushed aluminium knobs.


Here are three sound clips of the Moonphaser in action:

Sweet and chewy is the order of the day. With the speed and depth at two o'clock it's perfect for those big clean-funk grooves of the 1970s.

The Moonphaser's amazing high-end clarity supplies lashings of lush, liquid phase. Even with the depth control maxed out your guitar tone will retain all of its character and sparkle.

Stick a great smooth-sounding overdrive pedal in the mix and you will experience incredibly sweet gain phasing. Careful though, the Moonphaser won't hide any top-end shrillness.

If you're looking for that vintage, funk/rock phase-sound there is simply nothing else on the market that matches up.

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