Moog MF Flanger review

Moog goes rogue with a classic swirl machine

  • £159

MusicRadar Verdict

While the MF Flange is one of Moog's tamer offerings, it offers some of the lushest analogue flange tones we've heard in quite some time - well worth a try.


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    Great tones. Versatile.


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    Very few.

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We are big fans of Moog's Minifooger Chorus, so imagine our joy when this MFer landed.

Dubbed a 'Bucket Brigade Harmonic Manipulator' by Moog, the MF Flange is an all-analogue modulation machine, with two types of flanger, external expression pedal control of the time knob and a rock-solid aluminium enclosure.

Given its moniker - and our experience with the MF Chorus - we were expecting to be frantically dialling back jetplane squalls, but the MF Flange offers a surprisingly smooth ride, with sweet, syrupy swirls occupying much of the range, plus creaky pitch-bending and raygun zaps at either end of the rate dial.

It's versatile, too, thanks to the Type switch, which offers more traditional, Barracuda- style positive-feedback flange sounds in the up position, plus vocal, phase-like swoosh on the lower, negative-feedback notch, perfect for distorted Morello-like Wake Up riffage.

To our ears, the MF Flange recalls EHX's Electric Mistress - dial everything back, and you have a liquid chorus that's a dead ringer for Walking On The Moon.

Plus, with minimum rate and max feedback, the time knob even does a decent approximation of the EHX classic's filter matrix, where the pedal freezes a resonant peak to create metallic sounds.

Michael Astley-Brown

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