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Mooer Wahter review

Is less Mooer?

  • £109
  • €103

Our Verdict

A diminutive pedal that punches above its weight.


  • Small but perfectly formed.


  • Very few.

For many of us, pedalboard real estate is a big concern in this age of playing gigs on tiny stages.

If that's you, look no further than the diminutive Wahter from Mooer. Those tiny metal ring plates are hinged, so you can fold them in when you pack away, but still get a decent sized footplate overall.

We expect the travel on the pedal to be difficult, but in reality, you forget you're playing such a small stomper pretty quickly.

The Wahter's tone is sort of a smoothed-out version of the vintage wah sound, and without a pot mechanism it feels slick under your foot.

Plus, it has three different switching modes, including 'Sensor' which engages the effect as soon as your sole touches the pedal.