Line 6 Variax Acoustic 300 Nylon review

Another Variax with the usual brilliant mix of technology, performance and tone…

  • £524
  • $839.99
The range of sounds is superb

MusicRadar Verdict

If you dabble in home recording, you should get one of these guitars without further ado - and that goes for professional outfits too. Live or to hard disc, it´s unlikely the Variax Nylon will ever let you down. Just fantastic.


  • +

    Amazing classical tones. A great neck.


  • -

    Doesn't react well to traditional flamenco hand-slapping.

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Line 6's modelling technology really does work and all that's required is a leap of faith, though it's a step we can understand that many may be unwilling to consider.

We'd suggest that this nylon-strung Variax offers the last best chance for you to finally become a convert, as using a traditional gut-string either live or in the studio can prove a real bind. Here, the slimline mahogany and solid spruce body offers a choice of either a trebly flamenco or warmer standard classical body model, plus all points in between thanks to a handy mix control.

You can add reverb, compression and alter the virtual mic placement via a trio of sliders and then store all settings into one of 10 user locations. There's even an on-board tuner. The 19-fret neck is a joy - our example was set up with a perfect string tension and height and the only downside we could think of is that the solid body disallows any sort of percussive accompaniments to your flamenco masterpieces.


Where to start? In a nutshell, you can obtain the gamut of classical, Spanish and flamenco sounds you have in your head in just minutes. We used an AER Acousticube III for our sound tests, but be aware that without a full-range cab the sound won't be so excessively sparkling, merely excellent. This would be something else through a full PA though…


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