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Keeley Dynatrem review

Something a little different...

  • £135
  • $169

Our Verdict

An interesting sonic signature makes this a great choice if you want something different.


  • Interesting sounds.


  • Very few.

The DynaTrem offers tremolo and reverb, although the reverb is only available in one of three modes, either with tremolo or by itself.

The pedal's agenda is dynamic tremolo that responds to your playing: play harder and you can either get faster or deeper tremolo in the first two modes, the depth variation seeming the more natural of the two when playing.

The third mode offers 'Harmonic Tremolo + Reverb' for that phase-y tremolo with a hint of pitch shift combined with a spacey ambience.

There's usefully adjustable output level and, while the depth and rate knobs do their normal job for mode three, they also feature an element of setting how the parameters react to playing dynamics in modes one and two. A Shape knob offers four different waveforms for the first two modes and adds the reverb for the third.