Jim Dunlop Heil Talk Box

Prepare to enter the Twilight Tone Zone...

  • £209
  • $308.43
The talkbox is one of those effects that you can't get any other way

Our Verdict

A classic pedal that's too easily dismissed.


  • Limitless phase options in the palm of your... erm... mouth.


  • Can only be used through a PA.

A talkbox might seem like a needless extravagance to you. An over-priced relic of days gone by that will make your guitar sound like its stuck down a drain.

Well, yeah, it's expensive, but like the MXR Variphase variable phaser, it's the sort of luxury item that's well worth shopping around for.

This is a truly inimitable effect. Just consider classic tracks like Kickstart My Heart, Sweet Emotion or Living On A Prayer - the Talk Box was conversant with all of them.

Sadly, you'll need to play through a PA to use it, but if you do, you'll find an excuse to make the most of it whenever you can.