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Jim Dunlop BG95 BuddyGuy Signature CryBaby review

  • £239
  • $354.99
Dunlop's BG95: it's got polka dots!

Our Verdict

Perfect for Buddy Guyalikes!


  • Typically robust construction; quirky look; beautiful tones.


  • Seems expensive next to a standard Crybaby.

US bluesman Buddy Guy uses a wah to add expression to his already emotive lines, and the BG95 offers a pair of user-friendly tonal settings.

Selected by a small yet perfectly useable kick-switch sited on the bottom right corner of the chassis, the choice offered is either Deep or BG, the latter being close to Guy's own particular tone.

A number of LEDs - either blue or red - let you know which setting you're using at any time and the chassis itself, which is up to Dunlop's customary tank-like standards, is finished in Guy's own trademark polka dot. What mileage now, a Randy Rhoads signature wah?

The battery cavity is accessed via a sliding and sturdy plastic lid, and the rubber slip mat on the treadle also bears the man's signature. It's a classy unit all round.


After Dunlop's introduction of wahs from the likes of Zakk Wylde, Slash and Dimebag, it's nice to get back to a slightly smoother and more evocative effect.

The Deep setting is baby's bottom smooth and is perfect for very subtle 'oohs' and 'aahs'. The BG option is slightly thinner, subsequently providing more headroom at the treble end of the treadle's sweep.

This is easily one of the most satisfying wahs we've used in terms of the range and tone of the frequency sweep. At a full £90 more than a standard Crybaby, though, it is very pricey indeed. Nevertheless, it's among the most musical wahs we've ever played.