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JAM TubeDreamer 72 review

  • £169
The JAM TubeDreamer 72 enables you to ramp things up while keeping tone consistent.

Our Verdict

A perfect pedal to give you that little bit of extra bite or dirt from your amp.


  • Compact size; tonal transparency; natural valve-like overdrive.


  • Not a lot.

Individually hand-painted like the rest of the JAM range, the TubeDreamer 72 (TD72) is one of four JAM pedals based on a TS-808 Tube Screamer.

Where JAM's TD58 offers the classic Tube Screamer sound using a JRC4558 chip, the TD72 uses a 'secret' chip for less gain without the mid-range boost.

Transparent overdrive enables you to crank up your amp in a very natural fashion without any shift in tone, although the tone knob does cover a carefully selected range if you need it.

There's plenty of subtlety available in the gain range from not-quite-clean upwards, all the while retaining note clarity in chords. It's truly excellent.