JAM TubeDreamer 72 review

  • £169
The JAM TubeDreamer 72 enables you to ramp things up while keeping tone consistent.

MusicRadar Verdict

A perfect pedal to give you that little bit of extra bite or dirt from your amp.


  • +

    Compact size; tonal transparency; natural valve-like overdrive.


  • -

    Not a lot.

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Individually hand-painted like the rest of the JAM range, the TubeDreamer 72 (TD72) is one of four JAM pedals based on a TS-808 Tube Screamer.

Where JAM's TD58 offers the classic Tube Screamer sound using a JRC4558 chip, the TD72 uses a 'secret' chip for less gain without the mid-range boost.

Transparent overdrive enables you to crank up your amp in a very natural fashion without any shift in tone, although the tone knob does cover a carefully selected range if you need it.

There's plenty of subtlety available in the gain range from not-quite-clean upwards, all the while retaining note clarity in chords. It's truly excellent.

Trevor Curwen has played guitar for several decades – he's also mimed it on the UK's Top of the Pops. Much of his working life, though, has been spent behind the mixing desk, during which time he has built up a solid collection of the guitars, amps and pedals needed to cover just about any studio session. He writes pedal reviews for Guitarist and has contributed to Total Guitar, MusicRadar and Future Music among others.