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Guitar Tech Vintage Chorus review

The Marmite of the effects world rears its head once again

  • £49
The control set gives you three familiar controls for chorus: Speed, Mix and Depth.

MusicRadar Verdict

Not bad, but not amazing.


  • +

    Affordable analogue sounds.


  • -

    Annoying pulse sound.

When most people think of a typical chorus effect, '80s cheese-mongers come to mind. However, a nice analogue chorus is a versatile effect suitable for plenty of genres, from funk to metal.

"As far as a range of sounds from one pedal goes, the Vintage Chorus has pretty much got you covered."

As with the rest of the Guitar Tech range of pedals, theVintage Chorus is handcrafted into a metal housing and uses true-bypass circuitry. It features the usual controls for Speed, Depth and Mix, and is about as straightforward as they come.

As far as a range of sounds from one pedal goes, the Vintage Chorus has pretty much got you covered. It can be used as a shimmering thickener to your clean sound, add gloss to a distorted solo, or create a lo-fi stretched tape-style vibrato.

One caveat, though: our review model emitted a slight pulse in time with the Speed rate when our amp was at higher volumes, and this became more noticeable with higher gain settings.

While £49 doesn't make this entry-level as such, it does make this pedal affordable. The audible pulse doesn't make the pedal unuseable but it is a bit of a let down, and at this price it has its work cut out to draw users away from products like the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone.

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