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Fender Premium Cables review

  • £17.99
These cables are essential if you want to achieve a great tone

Our Verdict

If you value your tone to any degree we'd recommend these without hesitation. And if you can afford £44.99 for a Fender Platinum electric guitar cable then buy one!


  • A good selection of value-for-money, well-made cables.


  • The packaging is a tad over the top.

There's an exact science when it comes to designing guitar cables and, as such, it's in the best interest of your tone to buy and use the best ones you can afford.

Fender's Premium cables hide genuine thought within their differing sheaths, and there are three types for different instruments plus two choices of super cool (and curly) Koil Kords in the range.

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Each is based around what Fender calls Differential Cable Architecture, the assembly of which differs slightly with each intended use.

For example, the electric guitar cable features a three-way DCA and the Acoustasonic cable a four-way DCA for improved balance between frequencies, while the bass cables offer superior grade copper conductors intended for a clearer and more natural bass tone.

Each lead offers a straight jack at one end and a HammerHead right-angled jack at the and, for each type, you can choose between a gold version (£24.99) and a Platinum option with an improved spec (£44.99).

Switchcraft, 24-carat gold or silver connectors, a nylon overbraid or PVC jacket, a quirky vintage look and double shielding are just some of the highlights and each lead is supplied in a hefty, Fender-branded display case.

We have no complaints as to the performance of any of the leads, and rest assured that the HammerHead jack fits into all guitars - certainly each of those we have in our testing room.