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Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay review

Killer tape delay stompbox

  • £389
  • €449
  • $449
You can plug in an expression pedal to control delay mix or feedback

Our Verdict

A multi-faceted delay with great tape echo emulations.


  • Practical, flexible delay sounds. Excellent single-head tape echo emulations.


  • Expensive.

Empress' Vintage Modified Superdelay is a tweaked version of the standard Superdelay delay pedal with enhancements to the tape delay emulations.

You get several delay types, including reverse, a rhythm mode where you can set the intervals between multitap repeats with the tap tempo footswitch, and a looper.

"Each delay type also has three selectable variations"

Each delay type also has three selectable variations. The tape delay mode has standard tape delay, tape delay emulating an old machine with wow and flutter and tape delay from a tape that's past its best.

All repeats can have either top or bottom end rolled off with a filter switch and can have slow or fast modulation applied. Come across a sound you really like and you can save it - the pedal has eight preset slots - and you can plug in an expression pedal to control delay mix or feedback.

It's expensive, but it's a practical all-round delay with a range of sounds, including some of the best single-head tape echo emulations around.