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Empress Nebulus review

A modulation toolbox stompbox

  • £259
  • €349
  • $349
Each of the eight onboard preset positions is indicated by a different coloured LED

Our Verdict

A great choice if you want a single pedal with a relatively small footprint.


  • Nine effects in one box. Tasteful tones. Great gigging tool.


  • Not much.

An all-in-one modulation stompbox from Canadian effects maker Empress, the Nebulus delivers chorus, vibe or flange, each with three variations for a total of nine effects (basic or multi-chorus, chorus with tremolo, univibe, vibrato, rotary, tape flanging, 70s pedal flanger or thru-zero flanging).

"The sounds are classy, and offer real flexibility for gigging"

On top of that, each can have a switched tonal character of 'bright' or 'warm' besides the normal sound, and can likewise have 'little' or 'lots' of an effect-specific modification, such as regeneration for the flanger.

There are standard rate, depth and output knobs, plus a mix knob that sets a dry/wet blend. Eight onboard presets can save all knob and switch positions, and these can be scrolled through with the preset footswitch - each indicated by a different coloured LED.

Chosen well to cover the most favoured modulation types for guitar, the sounds are classy, and offer real flexibility for gigging.