Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine

Organise your guitar sound

  • £165
  • €198
  • $293
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Our Verdict

Being able to play organ from a guitar? We are gobsmacked! Now we can all play Green Onions.


  • Adapt your playing and it really works! Nine presets to play with.


  • Not a lot.

The ever-prolific Electro-Harmonix is constantly expanding its range. Here, we focus on the B9, designed to make your guitar sound like an organ.

"If you adapt your technique and think like an organist, it can sound eerily authentic"

Two knobs set the level of dry and emulated organ sound at the main output, while the Dry output can deliver unprocessed signal to an additional amp. Nine presets are provided via a rotary switch, covering a range of classic organ sounds.

Two knobs adjust parameters: for the presets that reproduce Hammond organ sounds, they add chorus (for rotary speaker simulation) and key click; and for the Vox Continental sound they control realistic vibrato. There's also tremolo for a cathedral organ and an electric piano/ organ hybrid.


Although the B9's modulation effects work well, routing the sound through a dedicated rotary speaker simulator really opens things up.

Tracking is fast enough for stage use; you get out what you play in, but with an organ sound.

If you adapt your technique and think like an organist, it can sound eerily authentic, although not all organ techniques are possible, of course.

The pedal has a decent sustained note length, but it won't sustain forever like holding down a key, and shifting between chords isn't as smooth.

There is a whole new sonic area to explore, though, through mixing dry guitar and organ.