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EBS Red Twister Guitar Edition review

Give your sound a twist

  • £149
  • $192

Our Verdict

Classy flanging and chorus in one pedal, nicely implemented.


  • Versatile and well put together.


  • A little dated, perhaps.

With the inclusion of both a mono input and either a mono or stereo output, the EBS Red Twister offers chorus and flanging sounds delivered via the instantly tweakable medium of standard depth and speed knobs.

The ratio between effected and dry sound is factory-set at a standard 50/50, but if you want to mix that up a little bit, there's an internal trim pot that lets you set up different blends in a range from zero to 100 per cent effect.

Kicked in, the pedal offers modulation with a bright tonality. The Flange setting offers flanging with a nice metallic edge to it, but delivers a more polite take on the effect than the 'stunt' flanging with that pronounced 'jet-taking-off ' swoosh that you can get from some pedals.

It may seem a little bit dated, but it's actually a very musical sound that lends itself nicely to arpeggio picking and will do a convincing take on The Police's Message In A Bottle, too. Two chorus settings - one with a longer delay time than the other - also offer intense and gentler variations on a classic 1980s theme.